The last month has seem some fantastic developments as we work towards the finish line of the project.

Firstly we have been pleased to being rolling out a training program to the groups involved.  It’s very important to us that the groups have the potential to continue the excellent work that has been achived so far going forward into the future.  As well as helpful and accessible user guides we have been delivering Zoom based training sessions.  Ideally we would have liked to have done this 1-1 in person and sat down and done some practical sessions together but current challenging circumstances have necessitated a different approach.

Having now catalogued and digitised many thousands of documents and images detailing the history, heritage and culture of the communities involved we are now in a position to being uploading these to the Peoples Collection Wales website.  We are delighted with their response to the quality of the work they are being presented with.

We are also now in a position to being uploading catalogues detailing the collections to this Echoes of the Past website (see the project page) for sharing and it is highly appropriate that we note our sincere thanks to PLANED not only in this regard but for all their much appreciated time and assistance.