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The full play-list, featuring all of the video outputs of this year's Community Heritage Week, are now available, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-dAWEosBP_ga6Sb8WcpvJi6Jo-J1k40O These videos are available to access via PLANED's YouTube channel and include all of the week's talks, community stories and live events, such as the quiz. ...

Advice for community groups on Contemporary Collecting for those who wish to collect or document current events. For those who are not familiar with the term 'Contemporary Collecting', it is the act of collecting first-hand documentary evidence and artefacts that can illustrate something happening in society in the present day....

Well although the official end to the project was on March 31, we continue to work – or should I say volunteer? Either way it is lovely to be able to continue working with these archives and new discoveries continue to be made. At the moment we are uploading information to...

Well here we are on the last lap and I’m not entirely sure where the last two years have gone to.  Certainly I’m delighted by what whats been achieved. Thousands of documents have been catalogued and images produced that are currently being transferred in quantity to the Peoples Collection Wales enabling community history groups to share their...

It doesn’t seem nearly two years since this project started but when I look back I have learned so much. I started this project as an interested amateur who had a thirst for knowledge and some ability to archive but knew that I needed to look closely at how other people archived! I was so...