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Echoes is a place for communities to celebrate their stories, and for everybody to use as the starting point on a journey of discovery through the rich culture and history of south west Wales.

Information on this website is developed through PLANED’s cultural and tourism projects, and will continue to grow as our work with communities in this area continues. Rural communities each have unique and distinct traditions and heritage. Our projects seek to empower those communities, sharing their rich culture with all those who are keen to explore layers of landscape, people, language, culture and tradition.

Echoes of the Past began as a Visit Wales project to work with five coastal communities around Pembrokeshire, each with a proud heritage and an active community. That project sought to develop a community-led approach to the management and interpretation of local heritage in a similar way to the ‘eco-museums’ of Europe. These are museums ‘without walls’, which celebrate culture and heritage in the community, including buildings, landscapes and traditions.

PLANED is committed to supporting communities to improve their quality of life by focusing on their opportunities, harnessing potential and helping them to achieve their aspirations.

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