During the restrictions on movement that have been put in place linked to preventing the spread of Coronavirus, many people have taken solace from their daily allowance of outdoor exercise.

In Pembrokeshire, we are incredibly blessed with an array of beautiful locations, from picturesque towns and villages to stunning uplands and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. During these unusual and difficult times, many people have been exploring familiar places near their homes and many have discovered something new.

In order to celebrate these positives, our Preseli Heartlands Communities project is encouraging people to record a short film about their favourite lockdown locations. In this short video (below), PLANED’s Sophie Jenkins explains how people can get involved.

These times may have given us the opportunity to get to know our local areas, with their unique and special qualities in much greater detail. We may have a favourite new walk, a favourite view or a favourite spot in our gardens that we have enjoyed exploring that sense of place.

We invite you to share with us a video of your favourite local lockdown location! Whether it’s a walk, a view, or your favourite outdoor space, or anything else you feel like sharing. This is going to be an important part of our future social history!

Sophie Jenkins, PLANED ( https://calonpreseli.planed.org.uk/?p=494 )

A handful of staff at PLANED have already recorded their own videos about the walks around the places they live, which are available to see on the Pembrokeshire Echoes Facebook Page (click here).

We would love to see a short film of your favourite lockdown location, so please do get in touch through our Facebook Page (click here), or by emailing Sophie on sophiej@planed.org.uk.