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Five Communities: Historic Hook

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Five Communities: Historic Hook

Recent times have seen us putting the finishing touches to the Excel catalogue, lists and finding aids, and guidance notes for Hook Local History Group.

As we are a close-knit team working on this project, with the Project Officers both working to catalogue different parts of a collection simultaneously for maximum efficiency and output. Sometimes, depending on how things have been originally organised, there can be overlap.

It is important to periodically audit the work done to ensure everything is as accurate as can be, so we have been busy with this.

In this age of digital reliance, a few technical software issues have prevented the combination of some joint work, but I’m delighted we’ve found a solution to this, enabling us to combine work into single electronic documents. A ‘one stop shop’ for as much information as we can gather on each item in each group’s collection.

We are also pushing on with providing easy access printed hard copies that can be used by each group and shared amongst them, and also contain all the guidance notes we’ve produced to help manage a local archival collection.

Given the size of some of the collections we are dealing with, these will not be small and they will contain an amazing amount of information on just what is held in collections by communities across Pembrokeshire.