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Five Communities: Coastlands Catalogue Continues

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A well put together box of archives before work begins. In this cast the Coastlands WW2 collection.

Five Communities: Coastlands Catalogue Continues

We find ourselves in lockdown once again and autumn is definitely bringing rain and storms.

Our team are getting on very well with making progress with the mass of material collected by our friends in the Coastlands History Group based in the excellent Heritage Centre in Dale.

It’s a fascinating journey for me, and as a historian, I am always learning! No matter how well you know Pembrokeshire there is always more to discover, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn even more about the far west of our county and its history and heritage.

As always, it’s amazing what you find in archive collections! So far, what has struck me most is the material gathered regarding wartime damage claims in the Dale peninsula. In this area, farms and other properties had been pounded by huge ship-destroying parachute mines that had been aimed at the Haven in 1942. It strikes a personal chord with me as one landed one street away from my father’s house in Watford during the Blitz, and so great was the explosion the entire street simply vanished. To think of numerous of these landing on a rural Pembrokeshire community and seeing the associated correspondence and damage reports is eye-opening indeed.